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Slayers Bad Fic
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Welcome to Slayers Badfics where those who are part of the Slayers fandom community come and complain about the fics out there that can even make a Dark Lord twitch.

Sick of seeing those fanfics were they read like an AIM conversation? Getting tired of all the fangirl Japanese? Want to scream if you see one more fanfic based on Amelia or Sylphiel bashing? Dying for a Xellos fic that's actually in character? Or you just want to steer clear from the bad fics all together?

We have all come in contact with one bad Slayers fic now and then and end up wanting to tear it into little pieces. If you see a Slayers fanfic that makes even your teeth burn when you read it, then feel free to link and complain about it here. You'll feel better for it.

When submitting a fanfic please include:

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    As for general rules of the community...

  • Please use the lj-cut feature when posting more than four paragraphs.

  • Remember to give the author proper credit, and not to post the fic (or a chapter of the fic) in its entirety.

  • Do not complain about a fanfic simply because you dislike the pairing it may focus on. Unless there is major out of character issues we don't want to hear it.


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